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1N4007 Diode Smd


  • Forward Voltage Drop (VF): Typically around 0.7V at 1A.
  • Reverse Current (IR): Maximum reverse current is in the microampere range.
  • Maximum Forward Surge Current (IFSM): Can handle short-duration surges up to a specified current level.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Typically rated for operation within a temperature range, ensuring stability under varying environmental conditions.
  • Storage Temperature Range: The diode can be stored within a specific temperature range for optimal shelf life.
  • Reverse Recovery Time: Specifies the time it takes for the diode to transition from the conducting to non-conducting state when the polarity changes.




1N4007 Diode is a 1A, 1000V silicon rectifier diode for diverse electronic circuits. Part of the reliable 1N400x series.


  1. High Voltage Rating: The 1N4007 diode can handle a maximum reverse voltage of 1000V, making it suitable for high-voltage rectification applications.
  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: With a low forward voltage drop, this diode ensures minimal power loss during rectification, contributing to energy efficiency in electronic circuits.
  3. Fast Switching Speed: The diode features a fast switching speed, making it suitable for applications where rapid switching between conducting and non-conducting states is crucial.
  4. 1A Current Rating: Designed to handle a continuous forward current of up to 1A.
  5. Robust Construction: The 1N4007 is built robustly, providing durability and reliability.
  6. DO-41 Package: The diode is housed in a standard DO-41 package.


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