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NEO 6M GPS Module

NEO 6m GPS Module Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 3.3V – 5V DC
  • Operating current: 45mA
  • Baud rates: 9600 (configurable from 4800 to 115200)
  • Navigation update rate: 5Hz maximum (1HZ default)
  • Capture time: Cool start: 27s (fastest);Hot start: 1s
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • Separated 18 X 18mm GPS antenna
  • Dimension: 22 X 30 X 13mm
  • Weight: 19g

1,250 1,400


NEO 6m GPS Module engine on this board is a quite good one, with high precision binary output. It has also high sensitivity for indoor applications. The GPS module has a battery for power backup and EEprom for storing configuration settings.

The antenna is connected to the module through UFL cable which allows for flexibility in mounting the GPS such that the antenna will always see the sky for best performance. This makes it powerful to use with cars and other mobile applications.



  • Able to use GPS as an accurate clock, this board provides a PPS (pulse per second) signal. This is a highly accurate clock pulse coming off a pin on the GPS that NTP can use. If you have such a GPS the resource below is a must-read.
  • Compact and excellent performance
  • Micro USB port, you can use a general mobile phone cable to connect this GPS module to your computer. No need for USB-TTL, it is convenient to use
  • An onboard ceramic passive antenna can search for the satellite in an open area, and an external antenna is optional
  • SMA port, convenient for connecting with the external active antenna, stronger satellite searchability
  • A reserved TTL port, convenient for connecting to USB-TTL or external single-chip microcomputer
  • Back-up rechargeable battery
  • UART TTL socket
  • EEprom to save configuration settings
  • Support hot start

NEO 6m GPS Module price in pakistan


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