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GY-271 Magnetometer HMC5883L Module

GY271 Magnetometer HMC5883L Module Features:

  • Gold plating PCB, applying machine welding technology, superb technique and reliable quality guarantee!
  • Name: HMC5883L Module (Triaxial Magnetic Field Module);
  • Type: GY-271;
  • Used Chip: HMC5883L;
  • Power Supply: 3~5V;
  • Communication Mode: Standard IIC communicating protocol;
  • Measuring Range: ±1.3-8 Gauss.



The GY271 Magnetometer uses the QMC5883L chip to detect magnetic fields and their directions. The communication protocol of this module is I2C and you can connect it to different processors such as Arduino boards using two SCL and SDA pins.



  • VCC: Module power supply – 3 to 5 volts
  • GND: Ground
  • SCL: I2C Clock pin
  • SDA: I2C Data pin
  • DRDY (Data Ready)When the output value of the sensor is ready, an interrupt occurs in this pin. This pin is pulled up inside the module by default. When the output value of the module is ready, the pin is “0” for 250 microseconds

GY271 Magnetometer in pakistan

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