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LM2901N DIP-14

LM2901N DIP-14 Features

  • Improved specifications of B-version
    • Maximum rating: up to 38 V
    • ESD rating (HBM): 2k V
    • Low input offset: 0.37 mV
    • Low input bias current: 3.5 nA
    • Low supply-current: 200 µA per comparator
    • Faster response time of 1 µsec
    • Extended temperature range for LM339B
  • B-version is drop-in replacement for LM239, LM339 and LM2901, A and V versions
  • Common-mode input voltage range includes ground
  • Differential input voltage range equal to maximum-rated supply voltage: ±38 V
  • The low output saturation voltage
  • Output compatible with TTL, MOS, and CMOS


The LM339B and LM2901B devices are the next generation versions of the industry-standard LM339 and LM2901 comparator family. These next generation B-version comparators feature lower offset voltage, higher supply voltage capability, lower supply current, lower input bias current, lower propagation delay, and improved 2 kV ESD performance and input ruggedness through dedicated ESD clamps. The LM339B and LM2901B can drop-in replace the LM239, LM339 and LM2901, for both “A” and “V” grades.





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