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PIC18F46K22 Microcontroller 18F46K22

PIC18F46K22 Microcontroller Features

  • C Compiler Optimized Architecture:
  • Optional extended instruction set designed to optimize re-entrant code
  • Up to 1024 Bytes Data EEPROM
  • Up to 64 Kbytes Linear Program Memory Addressing
  • Up to 3896 Bytes Linear Data Memory Addressing
  • Up to 16 MIPS Operation
  • 16-bit Wide Instructions, 8-bit Wide Data Path
  • Priority Levels for Interrupts
  • 31-Level, Software Accessible Hardware Stack
  • 8 x 8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier



The PIC18F46K22 is a Microcontroller, with high computational performance with the addition of high-endurance, and flash program memory. On top of these features, introduce design enhancements that make these microcontrollers a logical choice for many high-performance and power-sensitive applications.

PIC18F46K22 Microcontroller has high computational performance also with the addition of high-endurance. Because of top features, many high performances and also because of sensitive applications, these microcontrollers are made a logical choice. Massive 30 channels of 10-bit A/D convertors make this microcontroller ideal for real-world monitoring applications where a large number of A/D inputs is required.

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