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1N4148 Zener Diode

1N4148 Zener Diode Specifications:

  1. Type: Small-Signal Switching Diode
  2. Maximum Power Dissipation: 1 Watt
  3. Maximum Reverse Voltage (Peak): 100V
  4. Forward Voltage Drop: Typically around 0.7V
  5. Reverse Recovery Time: Very short, in the order of nanoseconds
  6. Operating Temperature Range: -65°C to +175°C
  7. Package Type: DO-35 (Glass Axial Lead)



The 1N4148 Zener Diode is a high-performance electronic component designed for voltage regulation and protection in various electronic circuits. This diode is specifically engineered to operate as a Zener diode, providing stable and precise voltage reference across a wide range of applications.


  1. Fast Switching Speed: The 1N4148 is recognized for its rapid switching characteristics, making it ideal for applications that demand quick response times.
  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: With a low forward voltage drop, this diode minimizes power losses and enhances efficiency in electronic circuits.
  3. High Voltage Capability: The 1N4148 can handle voltages up to 100V, providing versatility in different circuit configurations.
  4. Small Signal Diode: Designed as a small-signal diode, it is suitable for signal rectification and amplification purposes.
  5. Compact Size: The diode comes in a compact package, making it space-efficient and well-suited for applications with limited space.


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