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2SA1943 PNP Transistor

2SA1943 PNP Transistor Features & Specifications:

  • Package is To-264
  • Mount type is Through Hole
  • Number of terminals – 3
  • Polarity is PNP with medium power
  • Process technology is advanced
  • The error voltage is less
  • Switching speed is very fast
  • Full-voltage based operation
  • It handles high current and high power
  • DC Current Gain or hFE ranges from 55 – 160
  • Collector current or IC is 15A
  • Collector to emitter voltage or VCE is 230Volts
  • Collector to base voltage or VCB is 230Volts
  • The emitter to base voltage or VBE is 5Volts
  • The substitution frequency is 30 MHZ.
  • Operating & storing temperature range is -55 to +150 °C



The 2SA1943 PNP Transistor plays a key role in designing amplifiers. Generally, most of the amplifiers use a push-pull circuit which is the same as a Class B amplifier.

The high-power 2SA1943 PNP transistor was originally designed by Toshiba to be used commonly in AF amplifiers or audio circuits based on high power due to maximum collector current & current gain.


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