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5V 10A Relay DC

5V 10A Relay DC Features

  • Trigger Voltage (Voltage across coil) : 5V DC
  • Trigger Current (Nominal current) : 70mA
  • Maximum AC load current: 10A @ 250/125V AC
  • Maximum DC load current: 10A @ 30/28V DC
  • Compact 5-pin configuration with plastic moulding
  • Operating time: 10msec Release time: 5msec
  • Maximum switching: 300 operating/minute (mechanically)



5V 10A Relay DC is the most commonly used switching device in electronics. Let us learn how to use one in our circuits based on the requirements of our project.

Before we proceed with the circuit to drive the relay we have to consider two important parameters of the relay. Once is the Trigger Voltage, this is the voltage required to turn on the relay that is to change the contact from Common->NC to Common->NO.

Our relay here has a 5V trigger voltage, but you can also find relays of values 3V, 6V and even 12V so select one based on the available voltage in your project.

The other parameter is your Load Voltage & Current, this is the amount of voltage or current that the NC, NO or Common terminal of the relay could withstand, in our case for DC it is a maximum of 30V and 10A. Make sure the load you are using falls into this range.

5V 10A Relay price in pakistan


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