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BTS7960 Motor Driver 43A H-Bridge


  • Operating Voltage: 5V – 27V
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 43A
  • Peak Current: 46A
  • Control Signal Voltage: 3.3V – 5V
  • Quiescent Current: < 0.1mA
  • PWM Frequency: 18kHz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +85°C



The BTS7960 High Current 43A H-Bridge Motor Driver is a robust and versatile motor driver module designed to efficiently control the movement of high-current DC motors in various applications. This H-bridge module is equipped with the powerful BTS7960 motor driver IC, ensuring reliable and precise motor control for demanding projects.


  1. High Current Handling: The BTS7960 motor driver can handle a continuous current of up to 43A, making it suitable for driving high-power DC motors.
  2. H-Bridge Configuration: Utilizes an H-bridge circuit topology, allowing bidirectional control of the connected motor – both forward and reverse rotation.
  3. Overcurrent Protection: Built-in overcurrent protection ensures the safety of the motor driver and connected components by preventing excessive current flow.
  4. Thermal Shutdown: Integrated thermal shutdown protection prevents the motor driver from overheating, enhancing its durability and reliability.
  5. PWM Speed Control: Supports Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for precise speed control, enabling smooth and variable motor speed adjustments.
  6. Voltage Range: Compatible with a wide voltage range, making it adaptable to different power supply configurations.
  7. Low Quiescent Current: The module has low quiescent current, minimizing power consumption when the motor is idle.
  8. Compact Size: Compact form factor allows for easy integration into various electronic projects, including robotics, automation, and motorized vehicles.

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