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DB25 Connector Female


  1. Connector Type: DB25 Female
  2. Number of Pins: 25
  3. Pin Configuration: D-subminiature (D-sub)
  4. Connector Shell Material: Metal alloy
  5. Insulation Material: High-quality insulating materials for electrical safety
  6. Termination Method: Solder or crimp
  7. Contact Plating: Gold or nickel plating for enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance
  8. Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  9. Voltage Rating: Suitable for a range of voltage levels as per industry standards
  10. Current Rating: Designed to handle specified current levels without signal degradation
  11. Gender: Female (Receptacle)
  12. Mounting Style: Panel mount or cable mount options available
  13. Application Areas: Commonly used in serial and parallel communication, industrial automation, instrumentation, data transfer, and other electronic applications.
  14. Compatibility: Compatible with various cables and devices conforming to the DB25 standard.



The DB25 Connector Female is a widely used interface connector designed for a variety of applications, providing a reliable and robust connection for data transfer and communication. This connector is characterized by its 25-pin configuration, arranged in a D-subminiature (D-sub) housing. The DB25 Connector Female is typically used in serial communication, parallel communication, and various other applications where a multi-pin connection is required.

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