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DSPIC30F2010 Microcontroller

DSPIC30F2010 IC Microcontroller Features:

  • Modified Harvard architecture
  • C compiler-optimized instruction set architecture
  • 24-bit wide instructions, 16-bit wide data path
  • Up to 30 MIPS operation
  • DSP Engine for math-intensive operations
  • Modulo and Bit-Reversed Addressing modes
  • Two 40-bit wide accumulators with optional saturation logic
  • 17-bit x 17-bit single cycle hardware fractional/ integer multiplier
  • Single-cycle Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) operation
  • 40-stage Barrel Shifter
  • Dual data fetch



dsPIC30F2010 Price in Pakistan Microcontroller details:


Peripheral Features

  • High current sink/source I/O pins: 25 mA/25 mA
  • Optionally pair up 16-bit timers into 32-bit timer modules
  • 3-wire SPI™ modules (supports 4 Frame modes)
  • I2C™ module supports Multi-Master/Slave mode and 7-bit/10-bit addressing
  • Addressable UART modules with FIFO buffers
    Motor Control PWM Module Features
  • Motor Control PWM Module with Complementary or Independent Output Modes
  • Edge and Center Aligned modes
  • Multiple-duty cycle generators
  • Dedicated time base with 4 modes
  • Programmable output polarity
  • Dead time control for Complementary mode
  • Manual output control
  • The trigger for synchronized A/D conversions

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30F2010 IC price in Pakistan

PIC30F2010 IC price in pakistan







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