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HV513WG SOP-24

HV513WG SOP-24 Features

  • Up to 250V Output Voltage
  • Low-Power Level Shifting from 5V to 250V
  • Shift Register Speed:
    – 8 MHz at VDD = 5V
  • Latched Data Outputs
  • Output Polarity and Blanking
  • Output Short-Circuit Detect
  • Output High-Z (Hi-Z) Control
  • CMOS-Compatible Inputs


HV513WG SOP-24 is a low-voltage-to-high-voltage serial-to-parallel converter with eight high-voltage push-pull outputs. This device is designed to drive small capacitive loads such as piezoelectric transducers. It can also be used in any application requiring multiple high-voltage outputs with medium-current source-and-sink capabilities. The device consists of an 8-bit Shift register, eight latches and control logic to perform the polarity select and blanking of the outputs. Data is shifted through the Shift register on the low-to-high transition of the clock. A data output buffer is provided for cascading devices.

The operation of the Shift register is not affected by the latch enable (LE), blanking (BL), polarity (POL) and Hi-Z control inputs. The transfer of data from the Shift register to the latch occurs when the LE is high. The data in the latch is stored when LE is low. A Hi-Z pin is provided to set all the outputs in a High-Z state.





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