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KF25 2 Pin Connector Black

KF25 2 Pin Connector Specifications:

  1. Pitch: 7.6mm – The distance between adjacent terminal centerlines, allowing for easy installation and organization of wiring.
  2. Number of Pins: 2 – Featuring two connection points, this terminal block is suitable for applications requiring a simple two-way connection.
  3. Color: Black – The black color not only adds a visually appealing finish but also aids in easy identification and differentiation on the PCB.
  4. Material: High-Quality Insulating Material – Constructed from durable and reliable insulating materials, ensuring electrical insulation and preventing short circuits.
  5. Connector Type: Barrier Terminal Block – Equipped with a barrier to separate terminals, reducing the risk of accidental contact and enhancing safety.
  6. Wire Gauge Compatibility: Suitable for a range of wire gauges, ensuring versatility in wiring applications.
  7. Mounting Type: PCB Mount – Designed for easy integration into printed circuit boards, facilitating secure and stable connections.



KF25 2 Pin Connector is a high-quality electrical connector designed for secure and reliable connections in electronic circuits. With a 7.6mm pitch and a sleek black finish, this terminal block offers a professional and aesthetic solution for various PCB applications.

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