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MCR100-8 SCR Thyristor 600V 0.8A

With highly sensitive triggering levels, the MCR100-8 SCR are suitable for all applications, where the available gate current limited, such as capacitive discharge ignitions, motor control in kitchen aids, and overvoltage crowbar protection in low power supplies.



MCR100-8 SCR Thyristor Specifications:

  • Blocking voltage to 600V
  • On-state RMS current to 0.8A
  • Non-repetitive peak on-state current to 9A
  • Maximum peak gate power (PGM): 0.01 W
  • Maximum repetitive peak and off-state voltage (VDRM): 600 V
  • Maximum average on-state current (IT(AVR)): 1 A
  • Maximum RMS on-state current (IT(RMS)): 1 A
  • Non-repetitive surge peak on-state current (ITSM): 10 A
  • Critical repetitive rate of rise of on-state current (dI/dt): 50 A/µs
  • Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage (dV/dt): 35 V/µs
  • Maximum operating junction and storage temperature range (Tstg, Tj): -40..110 °C
  • Junction to ambient thermal resistance (RTH(j-a)): 200 K/W
  • Junction to case thermal resistance (RTH(j-c)): 50 K/W
  • Triggering gate voltage (VGT): 1 V
  • Peak on-state voltage drop (VTM): 1.6 V
  • Triggering gate current (IGT): 0.2 mA
  • Holding current (IH): 2 mA

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