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Micro SD Card Module for Arduino

Arduino Micro SD Card Module SD Card Architecture:

The microSD card is a type of removable NAND-type small Flash memory card format which was introduced in 2003. microSD measures 11mm x 15mm and is 1mm thick. Internally the card is organized as an interface driver, card interface controller and memory core.

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The Arduino Micro SD Card Module is a Micro SD card reader module that utilizes both the file system and the SPI interface driver. Through this integrated system, the SCM (System Control Module) completes the tasks of reading and writing to the MicroSD card. Arduino users can conveniently employ the built-in SD card library in the Arduino IDE for seamless card initialization and reading.


  • Support for MicroSD Card and Micro SDHC Card (high-speed card): The module is designed to accommodate both types of cards.
  • On-board Level Conversion Circuit: This circuit facilitates interface level adjustment to either 5V or 3.3V
  • Power Supply Range: The module operates within a power supply range of 4.5V to 5.5V
  • Standard SPI Communication Interface: Utilizing a standard SPI interface, the module enables efficient communication between devices.
  • 4 M2 Screw Positioning Holes: These holes, with a diameter of 2.2mm, simplify installation

Additionally, specific features are highlighted:

  • Control Interface: Comprising six pins (GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS), where GND is grounded
  • 3.3V Regulator Circuit: Incorporating a Low Dropout (LDO) regulator that outputs 3.3V
  • Level Conversion Circuit: Ensures signal compatibility by converting Micro SD card signals to 3.3V
  • Micro SD Card Connector: Designed with a user-friendly bomb deck for easy insertion and removal of the Micro SD card.
  • Positioning Holes: Featuring 4 M2 screw positioning holes, these aid in precise installation and support inter-module combinations.


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