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RC522 RFID Card Reader

RC522 RFID Card Reader Features and Benefits

  • Highly integrated analog circuitry to demodulate and decode responses
  • Buffered output drivers for connecting an antenna with the minimum number of external components
  • Supports ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE and NTAG
  • The typical operating distance in Read/Write mode is up to 50 mm depending on the antenna size and tuning
  • Supports MF1xxS20, MF1xxS70 and MF1xxS50 encryption in Read/Write mode
  • Supports ISO/IEC 14443 A higher transfer speed communication up to 848 kBd
  • Supports MFIN/MFOUT
  • Additional internal power supply to the smart card IC connected via MFIN/MFOUT
  • Supported host interfaces
  • SPI up to 10 Mbit/s
  • I 2C-bus interface up to 400 kBd in Fast mode, up to 3400 kBd in High-speed mode
  • RS232 Serial UART up to 1228.8 kBd, with voltage levels dependent on the pin voltage supply
  • FIFO buffer handles 64-byte send-and-receive
  • Flexible interrupt modes
  • Hard reset with low power function
  • Power-down by software mode
  • Programmable timer
  • Internal oscillator for connection to 27.12 MHz quartz crystal
  • 2.5 V to 3.3 V power supply
  • CRC coprocessor
  • Programmable I/O pins
  • Internal self-test




The RC522 RFID card reader is a highly integrated reader/writer IC for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz. The RFID-RC522 reader supports ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE and NTAG. The RFID-RC522 internal transmitter can drive a reader/writer antenna designed to communicate with ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE cards and transponders without additional active circuitry.

The receiver module provides a robust and efficient implementation for demodulating and decoding signals from ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE compatible cards and transponders. The digital module manages the complete ISO/IEC 14443 A framing and error detection (parity and CRC) functionality.

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