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RS232 To RS485 Serial Communication Data Converter


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RS232 To RS485 Converter Specifications:

  1. Protocol Support:
    • RS232 (Recommended Standard 232)
    • RS485 (Recommended Standard 485)
  2. Voltage Range:
    • Input: 5V to 24V DC
    • Output: 5V to 24V DC
  3. Data Rate:
    • Supports configurable data rates up to [specified maximum rate] bps (bits per second).
  4. Operating Temperature:
    • Suitable for operation in a temperature range of [specified range] degrees Celsius.
  5. Dimensions:
    • Compact design with dimensions of [specified dimensions] for easy integration into various setups.
  6. Connectors:
    • RS232: [Type of connector]
    • RS485: [Type of connector]
  7. Indicators:
    • Power LED: [Indicator description]
    • TX LED: [Indicator description]
    • RX LED: [Indicator description]
  8. Protection:
    • Built-in surge protection to safeguard connected devices.
  9. Mounting:
    • DIN rail mountable for easy and secure installation.


Out of stock


The RS232 to RS485 Serial Communication Data Converter is a versatile device designed to facilitate seamless communication between devices using RS232 and RS485 serial protocols. This compact and reliable converter serves as a bridge, allowing compatibility between different serial communication standards, ensuring efficient data transmission in various industrial and commercial applications.


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