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2N2907 PNP Transistor

Features and Technical Specification

  • Having a high value of current (max. 600 mA)
  • Low voltage value (max. 40 V)
  • Comes in different type of packages – TO-92, TO-18
  • These are Lead (Pb) free devices
  • Collector to Emitter voltage (VCEO) is 40v (max.)
  • Collector to Base voltage (VCBO) is 60v (max.)
  • Emitter to Base voltage(VEBO) is 5v (normally)
  • Maximum value of Collector current is 600mA
  • Power dissipation at ambient temperature is about 400mW
  • Having DC current gain (hfe) of 100 to 300 (max.)
  • Temperature of operation and storage is -65 to +150 °C



2N2907 PNP Transistor has DC gain value of 100 to 300 which shows the amplification capacity of the transistor. As it is used for amplification and switching.

When the transistor is fully biased, it allows a maximum of 500mA current through the collector and provides a voltage (collector to emitter) of 1.6v (max.), this is the Saturation region of the transistor. While the base current is removed the transistor is in the off state it’s in the Cut-off region.

2N2907 PNP Transistor is available in a metal can package, having a high value of current 600mA with a low voltage of 40v.


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