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CNC Shield V4 Controller Board For Arduino Nano


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CNC Shield V4 Controller Board For Arduino Nano Specifications:

  1. Board Type: CNC Shield V4
  2. Microcontroller Compatibility: Arduino Nano
  3. Motor Driver Compatibility: A4988, DRV8825, and similar stepper motor driver modules
  4. Axis Control: Up to 4 axes
  5. Endstop Support: Yes, with connectors for limit switches and homing sensors
  6. PWM Control: Yes, for spindle speed and laser intensity control
  7. Power Supply Input: 12-36V DC
  8. Dimensions: Compact form factor for space-efficient installations



Out of stock


The CNC Shield V4 Controller Board for Arduino Nano is a versatile and high-performance control board designed for use in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems. This shield is specifically tailored for the Arduino Nano, offering seamless integration and an efficient platform for controlling various CNC machines. Whether you’re working on a milling machine, laser cutter, or 3D printer, this CNC Shield V4 provides a reliable and user-friendly interface for precise control of your CNC projects.

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