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DB15 Male Connector


  1. Connector Type: DB15 Male
  2. Connector Shell: D-shaped metal shell for durability and easy identification.
  3. Number of Pins: 15 pins, arranged in three rows (5 pins per row).
  4. Contact Material: Gold-plated contacts for optimal signal transmission and corrosion resistance.
  5. Termination: Solder cup or crimp termination options available for secure connections.
  6. Shell Material: Zinc or steel alloy for robustness and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.
  7. Mounting Style: Available in various mounting styles, including board mount and cable mount options.
  8. Voltage Rating: Typically rated for voltages up to 500V, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.
  9. Current Rating: Varied current ratings depending on the application, commonly ranging from 1A to 5A per pin.
  10. Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C, providing reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.
  11. Gender: Male, designed for insertion into a female DB15 connector.
  12. Application: Widely used in computer hardware, communication equipment, industrial automation, and other electronic devices.
  13. Compatibility: Commonly used for VGA video, RS-232 serial communication, and other analog and digital signals.



The DB15 Male Connector, also known as a D-sub 15-pin connector, is a versatile and widely used interface in electronic and computer systems. Its compact design and robust construction make it suitable for various applications, ranging from computer peripherals to industrial control equipment. The connector is named after its D-shaped metal shell, which houses 15 pins arranged in three rows.

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