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DB9 Female Connector Right Angle


  1. Connector Type: DB9 Female Connector Right Angle
  2. Number of Pins: 9
  3. Orientation: Right Angle, facilitating installation in confined spaces or applications with specific layout requirements.
  4. Termination Method: Suitable for soldering onto PCBs or wiring directly, providing flexibility in installation.
  5. Material: High-quality materials for durability and resistance to environmental factors.
  6. Contact Material: Copper alloy for excellent conductivity and longevity.
  7. Contact Plating: Gold or nickel plating options for enhanced corrosion resistance and signal integrity.
  8. Mounting Style: Designed for secure and stable mounting on PCBs or panels.
  9. Screw Locking Mechanism: Incorporated for added stability and reliability in high-vibration environments.
  10. Rated Voltage: Suitable for a specified voltage range, ensuring compatibility with various electronic systems.
  11. Rated Current: Adequate current-carrying capacity to handle the demands of serial communication.
  12. Operating Temperature Range: Wide temperature tolerance for reliable performance in different environmental conditions.
  13. Flange: Equipped with a flange for secure and stable PCB mounting.
  14. Compatibility: Standard DB9 female interface for compatibility with a wide range of devices and applications.
  15. Application: Suitable for use in industrial equipment, communication devices, and electronic systems requiring a right-angle DB9 female connection.



The DB9 Female Connector Right Angle is a compact and versatile connectivity solution designed for electronic applications requiring a 9-pin serial port connection. This connector features a right-angle design, making it ideal for situations with limited space or specific orientation requirements. Its robust construction ensures durability, and the DB9 female interface allows for secure and reliable connections.

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