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HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module

HC SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Module Detector Module Specifications:

  1. Operating Voltage: 5V-20V DC
  2. Standby Current: <60μA
  3. Working Current: 50mA
  4. Detection Range: Adjustable, up to [adjustable] meters
  5. Detection Angle: Adjustable, up to [adjustable] degrees
  6. Time Delay: Adjustable, 3 seconds to [adjustable] minutes
  7. Trigger Modes: Single or Repeatable
  8. Output Signal: High (3.3V) when motion is detected
  9. Output Delay: 2 seconds (approx.)
  10. Dimensions: [Dimensions in millimeters]
  11. Operating Temperature: -15°C to +70°C




The HC SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Module Detector Module is a compact and versatile electronic device designed to detect motion in its surroundings. Packed with advanced technology, this module is widely used in various applications, including security systems, home automation, lighting control, and robotics. The HC-SR501 utilizes passive infrared technology to sense changes in infrared radiation emitted by moving objects, making it an efficient and reliable choice for motion detection.


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