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K75T60 IGBT IKW75N60T 600V 75A

K75T60 IGBT Features and Specifications:

  • Very low VCE (sat) 1.5V (typ.)
  • Maximum Junction Temperature of 175℃
  • Short circuit withstand time 5micro seconds
  • Positive temperature coefficient in VCE (sat)
  • Very tight parameter distribution
  • High ruggedness, temperature-stable behavior
  • Very high switching speed
  • Low Electro Magnetic Interference
  • Very soft and fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled HE diode
  • Pb-free lead plating
  • RoHS compliant



K75T60 IGBT IKW75N60Tis an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor manufactured by Infineon Technologies. The K75T60 is a three-terminal semiconductor switching device having a very soft and fast recovery anti-parallel emitter-controlled HE diode that can be used for fast switching with high efficiency in many types of electronic devices. The device K75T60 is mostly used in amplifiers for switching/processing complex wave patterns with pulse width modulation (PWM).

The K75T60 IGBT has three terminals attached to three different metal layers, the metal layer of the gate terminal is insulated from the semiconductors by a layer of silicon dioxide (SIO2). The K75T60 is constructed with 4 layers of semiconductor sandwiched together.

The layer closer to the collector is the p+ substrate layer above that is the n- layer, another p layer is kept closer to the emitter and inside the p layer, we have the n+ layers.

The junction between the p+ layer and n- layer is called the junction J2 and the junction between the n- layer and the p layer is called the junction J1. The structure of K75T60 is shown in the figure below.

K75T60 IGBT price in Pakistan






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