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Metal Sensor Proximity Detection

  • Sensing range (tested through plywood): up to 4-5 mm.
  • Sensor dimensions: 68 x 30 (in diameter) mm.

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A Metal Sensor is a device used to detect the presence of a metal in its proximity without touching it.

This is a pulse induction metal detector made by Future Electronics Egypt (Arduino Egypt). It uses a single search coil and a pic microcontroller.

It can detect metal objects underground, through walls and above ground as well. Typical minimum depth ranges from 25 to 30 cm underground. This range is obtained with a very rough quick-made coil (not optimized)  using a 10 cm diameter object.

With an optimizaed coil range of detection increased to more than 40 cm.

The metal sensor object detection is indicated by LED. The recommended voltage supply is 12 V with a small current. However, the Metal detector was extensively tested and found to be stable operation in a range of voltage supply (9: 12 V).

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