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Sx1278 LoRa Module


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Ra-02 is a wireless transmission module based on SEMTECH’s SX1278 wireless transceiver. It adopts advanced LoRa spread spectrum technology, with a communication distance of 10,000 meters. It has strong ability of anti-jamming and has the function of air wake-up Consumption.


SX1278 LoRa Module Description:

The SX1276/77/78/79 transceivers have LoRa® for long-range communication with low power consumption.

They achieve over -148dBm sensitivity and have a +20dBm power amplifier for a strong link budget.

LoRa offers advantages in range, interference immunity, and energy consumption over conventional modulation techniques.

SX1278 LoRa Module Specifications

  • Communication distance: 15KM
  • Sensitivity: down to -148dBm
  • Programmable bit rates: up to 300kbps
  • RSSI dynamic range: 127dB
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz
  • Working voltage: 1.8-3.7v
  • Working temperature: -40-+80 ℃

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