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USB 1200mA DC 2~5V to DC 5V Step up Boost Module

USB 1200mA DC 2~5V to DC 5V Step-up Boost Module Specifications:

  • Input Voltage Range: 2~5V DC
  • Output Voltage: 5V DC
  • Output Current: Up to 1200mA (1.2A)
  • Conversion Efficiency: High efficiency boosts conversion
  • Protection: Overcurrent and overheating protection
  • Indicator: LED status indicator
  • Dimensions: Compact form factor for easy integration
  • Application: Suitable for powering USB devices, Arduino projects, and various electronic applications requiring a 5V power supply.



The USB 1200mA DC 2~5V to DC 5V Step-up Boost Module is a compact and efficient power conversion solution designed to elevate low voltage sources to a stable 5V output, making it ideal for powering USB devices or other electronics requiring a 5V power supply. This module is equipped with advanced circuitry to ensure reliable and consistent performance, making it a versatile choice for various applications.


  1. Wide Input Voltage Range: Accepts input voltages in the range of 2~5V, providing flexibility for various power sources.
  2. High Output Current: Capable of delivering up to 1200mA (1.2A) of current at the 5V output, ensuring ample power for a wide range of devices.
  3. USB Compatibility: Outputs a stable 5V, making it suitable for powering USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, Arduino boards, and other gadgets.
  4. Efficient Boost Conversion: Utilizes a step-up boost converter to efficiently increase the voltage from lower input levels to a consistent 5V output.
  5. Compact Design: The module features a compact form factor, making it easy to integrate into various projects or applications where space is a consideration.
  6. Overcurrent and Overheat Protection: Built-in protection mechanisms to safeguard against overcurrent and overheating, enhancing the module’s reliability and longevity.
  7. Easy to Use: Simple to connect and integrate into electronic circuits, making it accessible for both hobbyists and professionals.
  8. LED Indicator: Includes an LED indicator to visually confirm when the module is active and providing power.

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