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801S Vibration Shock Sensor For Arduino

801S Vibration Shock Sensor For Arduino Specifications:

  1. Operating Voltage: 3.3V – 5V DC
  2. Current Consumption: <1mA
  3. Output Type:
    • Digital Output: High/Low (TTL)
    • Analog Output: 0V to Vcc (0 – 5V)
  4. Detection Range: Adjustable via sensitivity potentiometer
  5. Frequency Response: 10Hz – 10kHz
  6. Dimensions: 32mm x 14mm x 7mm
  7. Mounting Holes: Two mounting holes for easy integration into various projects.
  8. Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
  9. Interface: 3-pin interface (VCC, GND, Signal)
  10. Compatibility: Compatible with Arduino and other microcontrollers with digital and analog input capabilities.



The 801S Vibration Shock Sensor for Arduino is a highly sensitive and versatile sensor designed to detect vibrations and shocks with precision. This compact module is perfect for integration into various Arduino-based projects, offering a reliable solution for applications such as security systems, seismic activity monitoring, and interactive installations.


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