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GY-291 ADXL345 Accelerometer

GY 291 Sensor ADXL345 Accelerometer Features

  • Ultra low power: as low as 40µA in measurement mode and 0.1µA in standby mode at VS = 2.5V (typical)
  • Power consumption scales automatically with bandwidth
  • The user-selectable resolution, fixed 10-bit resolution, or full resolution, where resolution increases with g range, up to 13-bit resolution at ±16 g (maintaining 4 mg/LSB scale factor in all g ranges)
  • Embedded, patent-pending FIFO technology minimizes host processor load
  • Tap/double tap detection
  • Activity/inactivity monitoring
  • Free-fall detection
  • Supply voltage range: 2.0V to 3.6V
  • I/O voltage range: 1.7V to VS



GY 291 Sensor ADXL345 Accelerometer is an ultra-low-power digital accelerometer that has an output data range that scales from 0.1Hz to 3.2kHz, unlike competing devices, which have fixed 100Hz, 400Hz, or 1kHz data rates. This allows portable system designers to better manage energy consumption by precisely allocating power for a given system function and reserving unused power for other uses.

The ADXL345 measures dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock and with a 10,000-g shock rating is well suited for applications such as hard-disk drive protection in personal computers.

Featuring a resolution of 4-milli-g/LSB (least significant bit) across all g ranges, single tap and double tap detection, activity and inactivity detection, free-fall detection, and user-programmable threshold levels, the new accelerometer also includes I2C and three- and four-wire SPI (serial peripheral interface) digital interfaces and a voltage range of 1.8V to 3.6V.


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