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Round Socket 40-Pin

Round Socket 40 Pin Specifications:

  1. Connector Type: Round Socket
  2. Pin Count: 40
  3. Form Factor: Circular, offering a unique and space-efficient design.
  4. Mounting Style: Suitable for through-hole mounting on PCBs, providing stability and secure connections.
  5. Material: High-quality materials for durability and resistance to environmental factors.
  6. Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze or Beryllium Copper for excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  7. Contact Plating: Gold or Tin plating options available to ensure reliable and low-resistance connections.
  8. Pitch: Standard pitch for compatibility with a variety of components and ICs.
  9. Socket Body: Robust construction for mechanical strength and stability.
  10. Socket Insulation: Insulating material to prevent short circuits and ensure electrical isolation.
  11. Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for a broad temperature range to accommodate various operating conditions.
  12. Current Rating: Adequate current-carrying capacity to handle the specified components.
  13. RoHS Compliance: Compliant with RoHS directives for environmental safety.
  14. Package Dimensions: Precise dimensions to accommodate the specified 40-pin configuration.
  15. Insertion and Extraction Force: Optimized for easy insertion and removal while maintaining a secure connection.
  16. Durability: Designed for a high number of insertion and extraction cycles to ensure long-term reliability.
  17. Application: Ideal for use in a variety of electronic devices, including development boards, industrial equipment, and custom electronic projects.
  18. Compatibility: Versatile design for compatibility with a range of 40-pin components, facilitating broad applicability.



The Round Socket 40 pin is a versatile and compact connector designed for a wide range of electronic applications. Its circular form factor and 40-pin configuration make it suitable for connecting various integrated circuits (ICs) or components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). This socket provides a reliable and efficient solution for secure connections in electronic designs, ensuring ease of use and flexibility in different projects.

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