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TLP250 IC DIP8 TLP250S SOP8 Driver


  • Input threshold current: IF = 5mA (max.)
  • Supply current: 11mA (max.)
  • Supply voltage: 10~35V
  • Output current: ±1.5A (max.)
  • Switching time: tpHL, tpLH = 0.5μs (max.)
  • Isolation voltage: 2500 Vrms (min.)
  • UL recognized: UL1577, file no. E67349
  • Option (D4) type
  • VDE approved: DIN EN 60747-5-2, certificate No. 40011913
  • Maximum operating insulation voltage: 1140VPK
  • Highest permissible over voltage: 6000VPK




The TLP250 IC / TLP250S IC is an 8-pin photocoupler designed exclusively for use in IGBT (isolated-gate bipolar transistor) drive applications. These photocouplers are capable of driving the gates of IGBTs and power MOSFETs.

The pin layout of the TLP250 IC is given below. It is clearly shown in the figure that the LED at the input stage and the photodetector diode at the output stage are used to provide isolation between the input and output.

PIN 1 and 4 are not connected to any point. Hence they are not in use. Pin 2 is the anode point of the input stage light-emitting diode and pin 3 is the cathode point of the input stage. Input is provided to PINs 2 and 3. PIN 8 is for supply connection. PIN 5 is for the ground power supply.

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TLP250F DIP (New), TLP250F DIP (Refurbished), TLP250S SOP (New), TLP250S SOP (Refurbished)





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